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The Debut CD “One Direction” was released at Hugh’s Room (Toronto) and internationally in the month of June, 2010.

Milky Whites & The Bluesmen are proof that the blues is a worldwide thing. On, One Direction, they deliver a serious collection of rock tinged blues tunes that speak true-to-life events we can all relate to.
On “Don’t Call Yourself A Friend”, the band of Canadian bluesmen calls out those backstabbers out there who claim to be comrades but are really out to do more harm than good. I really dig this tune because it’s so ballsy and truthful. The music is pretty good and so are the lead vocals. I had a great time listening to this song.

Other pretty cool tunes by Milky Whites and the Bluesmen that I’d recommend checking out include: “Get Yer Paw Outa My Jar”, “Feelin Like A Shroom”, and “Milky Whites”.

Overall, it ain’t easy playin’ the blues well but I felt that Milky Whites & The Bluesmen are contributing to the genre’s survival in a very positive way. The songs these guys have created are some of the craftiest and honest tunes around. Now go check’em out!

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Track list

Don’t Call Yourself a Friend
Can’t Get By
It’s Too Soon For Ya Momma
Don’t Take My Baby Away
Feelin’ Like a ‘Shroom
The High-Na-Kin Maneuver
Get Yer Paw Outa My Jar
Milky Whites
One Direction

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Texas Drivin' Blues

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